motion-powered-batteryWith the green movement on innovations are aplenty! A Japanese company unveiled a prototye AA and AAA battery that is a rechargeable battery with an accompanying generator that produces power from vibrations and/or movement. Brother Industries, a primarily sweing machine and printing company is stepping into renewable innovations such as these.

The AA and AAA-sized batteries have an inbuilt capacitor and an electromagnetic induction generator, all built in them! Shaking them will induce a charge into the capacitor enough for low-power gadgets. Such power is suitable for LED flash lights or remote control which need around 40 to 100mW of power to operate.

The battery can put out up to 180mW which is enough for smaller devices. The company calls this generator as “Vibration-powered Generating Battery” which can be set inside a remote control and can be used when needed by shaking the remote to generate power.

The company said that the generator can be used for a device that does not always consume electricity and has a power consumption of about 100mW. One good application I can think of is gaming console remotes – PS3, Wii, Xbox remotes are always subjected to intense motion and vibration! May be they can come with this battery inbuilt. If these batteries can sustain a charge for longer times, cell phones might carry them too!


For those who want to have a look at it, Brother Industries will exhibit the Vibration-powered Generating Battery for the first time at Techno-frontier 2010 whcih will run from July 21 to 23, 2010 in Tokyo. The company plans to demonstrate a TV remote control, a remote for lighting equipment and an LED flashlight using the battery.

These small innovations might lead to great inventions and its only a matter of time!

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