Who says flying in an airplane is not fun? These days there are personal entertainment systems and even Wi-Fi on board a flight and not to forget your personal entertainment system also comes with a set of games for your own amusement. But its only about to get better!

Toronto based Interaxon is working on a technology that is to be put into airplanes where you can play a thought-controlled game! No more buggy remotes! “We think it’s time that in-flight entertainment does more than simply distract you,” said Ariel Garten, CEO of Interaxon.

Passengers wear a specail headset gear that looks like your standard headphone/mic kit. It has the technology that is sensitive enough to pick up brainwave activity. The company worked on the software that converts the brainwave activity into binary code that a computer can understand. This is now used as a signal to control the game. The company says that with practice, a person can learn to manipulate and change his own brainwave activity.

Not just that, the system also makes intelligent decisions. As soon as you put on your headset, it scans your brain to check if you are in a mood for relaxation or concentration and sets you up accordingly with the appropriate program. You won’t even have to choose, all you do is think of it.

The idea of controlling gadgets with your brain is already being used these days. Robots are already being used which are controlled solely by a users brain. This is the first time this is being applied to a more general populous.

Now making it possible to do things without even doing them is something I like to try! The applications are endless, soon who knows, you might as well drive a car by just thinking of it, or fly a plane doing the same!

The technology was on display at the “On the Wings of Innovation” convention at Ontario, Canada. Incidently Apple’s co- founder Steve Wozniak was there to try it out. Check out his video!

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