lg-optimus-android-acerAcer has kicked off a war with Apple today with its chairman J.T. Wang said in an interview to the Chinese language Economic Daily News that the iPad is to fall to 80 percent of its market share this year. Wang said that iPad, although initially successful would fall considering its closed Apple platform.

He said his company was focused on grabbing the 20-30 percent of the market ones the tablet market stabilizes. He predicts that Android and Windows tablets which are being made by more than a dozen competitors will soon flood the market giving consumers plenty of choice and options. With no real competition iPad is enjoying extremely god sales.

Wang said that any closed platform device is bound to fail and iPad was no different than any other device. He also said that an android based Acer tablet was on its way soon and it will surely be an iPad killer. Acer had originally planned for a September release of its tablet but later delayed it to the first quarter of 2011. Speculation is that it will be running Android 3.0. All this while rumors fly that Apple iPad2 is already in works and might be out by December!

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