We have been talking a lot about the new anticipated Kindle Tablet and news today is that the tablet might be out as soon as this November! Although the Amazon tablet hasn’t been announced officially nor any details disclosed, TechCrunch has said that it had a glimpse of the new Amazon Kindle color tablet PC.

The device, as you would expect, is a color variant of Amazon Kindle, albeit with a lot of mettle under the hood. Firstly, according to the report, the Amazon Kindle tablet features a 7-inch capacitive touch display with two-finger multi-touch support. The form factor is more or less similar to BlackBerry PlayBook. It has a rubberized back and does not have any physical buttons on the face. There’s certainly a power button and a micro-USB port inscribed on the edges.

The Kindle color tablet has a black color casing, smooth bezel, and a Kindle-oriented version of Android OS. The tablet will not be sporting Google Android Market interface. Rather, Amazon’s tailored apps will find their way to the device via Amazon’s dedicated Android apps store. In terms of storage, Amazon will be preferring cloud-based storage solutions for users. However, around 6GB of local storage will be at user’s disposal for saving media or ebooks.

Speculation is that it will most likely running on a single-core 1GHz processor flanked by ample amount of RAM storage. The most interesting feature of the tablet will however be system-wide integration of Amazon’s plethora of services. The Amazon Kindle Color tablet is said to priced at $250 which is very much inline with Kindle, and half the price of some of the most popular tablet PCs in the market. However, those tablets may come with a camera and some extra processing power.

Just like the market, I am very excited and so are analysts who are predicting atleast 5 million in sales before the end of the year. Read more here.

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