Netflix is making money regardless of their recent non-renewal of Starz contract and now Amazon is working with publishers about a Netflix style e-book service which would allow customers to access a library of content for a one time set price per month! The service would be a little different from the Kindle lending library which allows loans to other kindles or other users. has leveraged its Amazon Prime memberships for other things before and the service is quite popular. The Amazon Prime service gives members free two-day shipping on most items and $3.99 one-day shipping per item as well. Amazon Prime members were also given access to video streaming via’s Instant Videos service. It was reported that Amazon would offer publishers a huge fee if they participate in the service.

Some other reports indicated that Amazon would limit the amount of books that Amazon Prime customers could read freely every month. However some reports indicated that publishers were not excited about Amazon’s idea of being able to allow users unlimited Netflix style access to books.

More as we know it.



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