People never run out of ideas and here is one. How about a 200$ toy for your kid? How about an non-contract $650 iPhone for your little child? Fisher Price created a little iPhone case which serves as a kids toy as well!  Called “Laugh and Learn Apptivity Case” and set to go on sale next month the case protects your iPhone or iPod touch from the little kids as little as 6-36 months old.

Once inserted, the iDevice is impossible to remove without a coin or similar tool and the front is covered with a protective plastic. Even the power, volume and home button are not accessible once the device is in the case. Fisher Price has even created three apps that will keep your child entertained. The case costs $15 which is cheaper but you will have a tough time trying to get this case off if you have to head out to work.

Also sure the iPhone is a little expensive of a toy to simply have it around kids at such young age. And what about those harmful micro waves from the phone, oh wait iPhone has a crappy antenna anyways – no worries! 🙂

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