We heard about the possible Amazon tablet which might be out soon but today new info suggests that the tablet might be out in 2012. Foxconn was tipped by Digitimes as the manufacturer of the Amazon tablet which is slated to run Android. It’s not clear what the features would be, although rumors of a 10-inch Amazon tablet codenamed Hollywood have raised the possibility that it might use a quad-core processor like NVIDIA’s Kal-El, possibly just called the Tegra 3.Most other discussion of an Amazon tablet has had it deliberately focusing on low prices that could be hundreds below the iPad.

It would compete more with the Barnes & Noble Nook Color than anything from Apple. A 10-inch tablet, however, would be more intentional competition than seen before.Among e-paper readers, Amazon is believed determined to keep its market share. Production plans for Kindle readers might cover as much as 25 million to 30 million units, or enough to give it about 60 to 70 percent of the US market.

Amazon’s tablet is already creating something of a storm because of rumors that it will be atleast 200$ cheaper than the iPad and it would sell about 5 million in the first few months due to its very aggressive pricing. Amazon however has not commented on how many numbers they would sell.



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