Looks like Google will fight Apple in keeping flash around for some time. Google confirmed that Android 2.2 willandroid support flash unlike the Apple products that don’t.

Google’s Andy Rubin, in an interview with the NY Times talked about the upcoming Android mobile operating system, codenamed Froyo, will fully support flash technology.  

The Android 2.2 will be loaded with flash 10.1 and thats good news for flash after having suffered a massive setback by Apple being uncooperative with its support for flash.

Rubin talked about Google’s intensions on letting flash into android and said that they were open to any technology that the consumers were actually enjoying and supported the idea of openness. 

It was said that Google is committed to keep Android open for just about everyone so its development is not restricted or tied up by regulations. Thats good news for people and developers not so happy about Apple’s strict rules and the long list of guidelines.

Android’s user base is growing steadily thanks to its openness and flexibility while allowing developers to work on it with little or no limitations. Google is rumoured to be working on an iPad alternative and the Android will be perfect for that.

Looks like flash will stick around for some more time which is good news for Adobe.

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2 thoughts on “Android 2.2 Will Support Flash”
  1. Sure they will, Flash rules the net, there have never been so much cool and fun Flash stuff on internet ever before. And Apple -the evil bastard, and their angry fanboys are not only missing the whole fun of it, but also getting a bad reputation.

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