Finally Android has crossed that huge mark today. The Android operating system is not only the most popular mobile smartphone OS in the world but is also marking new milestones. Today it was reported by the official developer’s blog that the number of apps that have been downloaded from Android Market has now reached and exceeded the 10 billion mark!

The chart above shows this as well where you can see that the market reached the one billion mark in July of 2010. In July 2011 it reached the six billion mark. Today the Android Market generates one billion downloads per month and that number continues to climb.

To celebrate the 10 billion download milestone, Google has put a number of games and apps on the Android Market on sale today for just 10 cents. One of the games on sale for today only for that low price is the recent Android version of the hit PC sandbox game Minecraft. The game is normally on sale for $6.99 so this is obviously a huge bargain. There will be a new set of games and apps on sale for just 10 cents every day on the Market for the next 10 days.

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