lg-optimus-androidWe have been reporting on the storm of iPad Killers’that flooded the market after being witnesses to Apples success with its iPad. Now there is the new LG Optimus tablet that claims to be another tablet that will beat the iPad and promises to be the best ever Android based tablet yet.

In a recent interview to the Wall Street Journal, LG’s executive incharge said that the LG Optimus will surpass iPad sales and performance in every aspect. He also said that the tablet will offer a “ton of new surprises”. The market is already saturated with Android tablets and LG really has to pull up its socks and make something different if it expects the market’s attention.

The LG Optimus is rumored to have similar features that all other tablets seem to have. Front facing camera with 1 Ghz processor along with 16GB SSD storage. LG Optimus says it has apps to make the tablet more business focussed. While LG is promising to release the Optimus tablet before the end of the year, Apple already is reported to be working on its iPad 2 which host a smaller screen and might released in December this year.

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