giada-nettop1Soon you will see tiny desktops that you might as well carry them around. Giada has been a known name in the market for selling super slim computers with a sleek design. And now Giada is preparing to enter the US market with its tiny slim nettop. It has applied for certification from the FCC and has passed it and this will lead it the way to enter the US market.

The tiny computer has a lot of power packed into it considering its size. The nettop itself looks like a USB disc drive but is a fully functional computer. It comes with a nice NVIDIA ION graphics and a single or a dual core Intel Atom Processor. It also has WiFi including 802.11 n built into it. It has embedded Gigabit Ethernet ports, VGA and HDMI output, flash card reader, 2 USB ports and a UBS/eSATA port. No disk drive or RAM specification has been released however it is said to carry a decent 4 GB of RAM while having hard drive is said to be a decent 160GB.


All this packed into one small drive sized box is simply superb. All this weighs less than a pound and all you need is a monitor. Its HDMI port lets you hook it up to any HDTV making it perfect for custom set-top box or as a media center PC. It is expected to enter the market in the next quater and might go on sale in December just in time for the holiday season. 


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