The media has its way of finding information, truly amazing. Today reported that the guy who had foundbrian-hogan-itgrunts the iphone 4 in the bar and sold it to Gizmodo was unmasked.

21 year old Brian J. Hogan, a student and a resident of Redwood City, California was identified to be the guy who found and sold the iPhone 4 prototye to Gizmodo..

Wired claimed that it was able to nail the guy after researching clues on social-networking sites and was able to confirm his identity.

Quick to act Hogan has now hired a lawyer after all the drama over the iphone and that Apple has gone to an extent of seizing Gizmodo’s computers. He released a statement through his lawyer that “he regrets not doing more to return the device”.

According to initial reports Hogan had repeatedly tried to call Apple but it was revealed that he never tried to contact Apple nor had contacted the bar staff or management. The engineer who had lost the phone returned many times to the bar enquiring about the lost device.

According to a similar report from CNET, Hogan was helped by Sage Robert Wallower, a UC Berkeley student to get in touch with Gizmodo.

In the state of California, lost property cannot be considered yours until you do a considerable effort in finding its rightful owners and not doing so is a crime.

As for Jason Chen of Gizmodo, authorities are looking if California’s shield law for journalists applies to him and until then they would not be going through his computers and servers.

Now at the end of the day Apple will come out to be a winner. Free media hype and publicity for its brand new gadget at the cost of a Journalist and a student being charged with crime. Apple should simply drop the case. It will gain nothing by procecuting these people while it is spending $100 million less thanks to this stint!

Just drop the cases Apple and ask the cops to stop so we all can enjoy your new release!

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