Can you believe this? Sony has just been hit with a class action lawsuit in California about the company’s recentps3 decision to remove Playstation 3 support for loading linux operating system onto the ps3.

It is interesting to note that sony is being sued for an update on their on product, but read on. The lawsuit states that the deicision by Sony was an “intentional disablement of the valuable funtionalities originally adveritised as available with the Sony PlayStation 3 video game console”, nice!

Sony had released a Play station 3 update 3.21 on March 28th 2010 which disabled the “Install other OS” feature that was available on teh ps3 systems earlier. 

Sony stated the reasons to do so were due to some “security concerns” but failed to explain what exactly were those security concerns.

If users choose not to apply the update you will not be able to connect to the Playstation network or play any games online or any blue ray movies that require the new update.

The lawsuit focusses on the changes being made to the firmware and that features are being reduced rather than be added.

This isn’t the first time Sony has been hit with a class action lawsuit regarding their firmware. The last case was filed in Oct 2009 when one of its firmware supposedly bricked some consoles.

Sony is yet to respond. The real essense of open technology is dying a slow death, companies like Apple and Sony want to control their products, restrict access and have a digital chain around our necks.

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