second-generation-ipadApple seems to be all positive looking forward towards 2011. According to its component suppliers, an estimated 45 million iPads are set to be sold in 2011 along with the launch of a smaller version of the iPad in December. This is seen as a desperate attempt by Apple to bump up sales in order to dominate the tablet market. The sources said that suppliers shipped over six million parts to Apple during the third quarter of 2010 and more plans are set to ship another 7 million in the fourth quarter.

It is not know how many are planned for the next year but analysts speculate that the number will only go up. From the present figures it looks like Apple will be making 13 million shipments of the iPad during the second half of 2010.

Apple has been very cautious about revealing its sales figures. In June this year, it revealed that it sold over three million iPads within the first 80 days of its launch.

The new iPad 2 is said to have a smaller screen around seven inches in size, and is also expected to have a high resolution Retina display. It will also have a micro USB port, camera and storage up to 128GB which is double that of the current iPad.

Lets hope its not priced as high as the iPad and is actually cheaper.

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