stolen-laptopMay be you might quit using your laptop after reading this article. Health experts claim that laptops can be bad for your health. Health experts said that laptops can lead to what is being called a “toasted skin syndrome” which is an unusual mottled skin condition caused by long term heat exposure from a laptop.

Experts said that in a most recent case a 12 year old boy developed a sponge patterned skin discolouration on his left thigh after playing computer games for hours together everyday for several months. The article was published on Monday in a journal called Paediatrics. There were many cases reported in the article including a Virginia law student who was treated for mottled discoloration of her leg.

Doctors found out that her laptop was 51 degrees hot. However experts say the chances of these happening are rare and depend on how long every day and how often you continue to use a hot laptop. The journal said that only 10 cases were ever recorded in the past six years. Doctors did say that it can also lead to skin cancer.

The Journal suggests that a carrying case or a heat shield is recommended. In fact Apple, Hewlett Packard and Dell warn their users by mentioning in their user manuals that placing laptops on laps or exposed to skin for extended periods of time because of the risk of burns.

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