12-core-mac-proIt is being said in the tech town that Apple is considering about getting out of the high-end PC business by putting a stop to its Mac-Pro desktop. AppleInsider claimed that Apple feels that its current line is more threatened by mobile and portable devices including the iPads which are marching close to the power and speed of a Mac-Pro.

The Mac-Pro’s cost about $2,499 and Apple now is said to be considering that this price point is really not appealing anymore. Apple is having twice as many sales with its MacBook Air and the iMac but the Mac Pro line has always fell behind. Apple last upgraded its Mac Pro line on July 27, 2010 and moved its processing power to 12 cores and installed better graphics cards. The exterior design has remained unchanged.

If AppleInsider is correct then Apple will not have any future upgrades for the Mac-Pro and will shelve the product. This is not the only product Apple has been redoing – recently Apple cut down Final Cut Pro range by removing some important workflow features. It also has not upgraded its audio software for it.


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