Lets see, you rushed to the Apple store to buy the newest iPhone 4s. Now you have a battery issue! Great. Apple’s forums were flooded with complaints about the iPhone 4S’s battery problems. Apply is officially yet to comment on the issue. However some of the users have reported that Apple has actually contacted them about the issue.

A Gurdian article claimed that an Apple engineer contacted atleast one iPhone 4S owner was contacted about the issue. The customer said, “I then got a call from a senior engineer who said he had read my post and was reaching out to users for data and admitted this was an issue and asked lots of questions about my usage and then asked if he could install the file below and that he would call back the day after to retrieve the info. I extracted the file from my Mac after a sync and emailed it to him. He was incredibly helpful and apologetic in the typical Apple way!”. The customer did not mention if any time lines were given as to when the fix will be done.

Apple is now collecting device diagnostics from users to work on it and help find a fix. There is a theory about a potential timezone issue that might be causing the whole deal but we will have to wait until Apple confirms it and gives a fix!


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