Now we all know marketing and press release folks! Stay with me here I will explain where I am going with this. Samsung today claimed to pull ahead of Apple by becoming the top smartphone maker this summer. Really!? Really Samsung is sure about this or are they creating a marketing gimic that will make people buy more Samsung expecting it to be the most selling phone than Apple’s iPhone?

A research firm said that Samsung had shipped 27.8 million smartphones while Apple sold 17.07 million units. The change of ranks gave Samsung 23.8 percent of the smartphone space and Apple stands at 14.6 percent. Nokia’s 16.8 million saw it still behind Apple by a slight margin at 14.4 percent. The research firm said that Samsung’s success was credited to getting more “memorable” brands and “elegant” hardware.

Regardless, iPhone 4S still seems to be faster and is also what the market is desiring. Shipping the phones just won’t do, sales will and iPhone 4s sold 4 million in just 48 hours which says a lot about it!

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