It is being rumored that Apple is working on its new Apple TV and this time you might get to play on it. Apple is hoping to include gaming as part of Apple TV, a move aimed directly at Xbox. Bits of code found in the latest version of iOS 4.3 gave developers hints that gaming and multiplayer functionality may be coming soon to Apple’s set-top box. 

Engadget reported on this development and it is unclear if Apple will have a gamer’s app store. Apple TV storage might also be bumped up from 8GB to 120GB to accomodate all the games. Word is that Apple might team up with OnLive, the online game streaming service to let players play over the internet without having to download a big game.

It is clear, Apple is coming into your living room. Focus for all these companies shifted from your desktop to your living room and its a matter of time before Microsoft, Google and Apple compete for their share of your living room space.

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