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twitter adsWant to buy Twitter? Well its on sale or atleast thats what Wall Street Journal is reporting today. And news is that Facebook and Google are in talks with Twitter. The price? A nice $8-10 billion for the microblogging site!

Wall Street Journal said people familiar with the matter said that twitter had a 2010 revenue of about $45 million but the high cost of staff and data centers made the company loose money. Twitter expects to make about $100 million in 2011 but that doesn’t solve its financial issues.

Twitter was valued at $3.7 billion after its $200 million funding round in December. Wall Street Journal said that Twitter’s value has gone up in the past two years. Twitter has about 200 million registered users.

Buying Twitter will do wonders for either Google or Facebook and Facebook is notorious at snatching some last minute deals.

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