TerreStar-Genus-phoneLooks like to satisfy many unhappy customers over poor signal and coverage issues AT&T has decided to launch its new phone that uses a satellite signal! The new TerreStar Genus phone uses AT&T’s satellite rather than its network. With the satellite covering whole of the continental US and also beyond upto 100 miles offshore, you will not have any coverage issues.

The phone will still have to have a clear view of the southern sky where the satellite is placed. Trees, buildings and other structures will interrupt service. The phone is particularly expensive. AT&T will be selling the phone to business customers before it releases it for consumers at a price of $799 a piece. The phone has a switch over feature where if the satellite was unable to be reached, will fall to AT&T’s network where ever its available.

The TerreStar Genus runs Windows Mobile 6.5 and has a full keyboard for email and web surfing. The satellite is owned by TerreStar Corp is the world’s largest commercial satellite. The satellite is said to last about 15 years in orbit.

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