ebookreader1After the Indian tablet pc that costed just $35, another Indian device is hitting the news. EC Media International, a Bangalore city based firm has unveiled its e-book reader named Wink, which allows users to read in 15 languages and also has a jump start with about 200,000 titles to choose from.

The e-reader was launched on Monday at the Indian Habitat Center and has its own e-store called the winkstore. The store offers newspapers, magazines and selected articles for users to choose from. Infact all these are available in 15 different languages which gives this E-book reader an edge. The online store offers titles in more than 20 categories ranging from children’s books to science fiction.

The E-book reader, Wink is priced at Rs. 11,490 which comes out to about $300. For that price tag you get a 400 Mhz processor with a six-inch screen which has a resolution of 600×800 pixels. The E-book also has Wi-Fi connectivity and weighs a 260 grams. Wink is being sold in two models, the Wink XTS and the Wink 3G. Two new models called the Wink XTR and Wink 3G+ are being worked on and will be out soon. No info on what software it runs on.

The company is also set to publish the country’s first e-newspaper called Wink Wire. This is a major milestone considering Apple is still in talks with newspaper publishers over its E-magazine stand.

You can visit the Wink store here. 

You can buy a Wink E-book from here.


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