Google TV got a shocker today when Logitech CEO revealed that Revue, the first set top box to use Google’s web TV platform will be scrapped and there will be no further development on that. Logitech’s CEO Guerrino De Luca even said that it was a “Big Mistake” working on Google TV and the company failed to foresee that Google TV had really little demand in the first place.

This is a huge shock but some saw it coming. It failed to take off in the first few months while Google tried to advertise and get its name out there. In a company meet, the CEO said, “Logitech Revue was launched with some, I wouldn’t call it ‘beta’ properly, but software that was not complete and not tuned to what the consumers want at the living room, let alone all the issues with content delivery.”

De Luca said that the failure to deliver a decent array of apps and the failure of TV executives from allowing content to be streamed made it impossible for the Revue to be a success. This means now Sony will be the only one shipping out Google TV for now.

This also means that Logitech’s remaining stock of Revue will sell for dirt cheap so look out for that. But then, why would you want it?


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