Apple’s latest update did not do squat! And looks like users are talking about it, very loudly this time. Many iPhone 4S users who updated their iPhones to Apple’s latest iOS update patch found that their phone refused to recognize contact names when calls or messages came in. Infact the main issue of the battery has not been resolved either. Users reported the battery issue still exists and did not go away.

The issue was first posted by Paul Hontz who found that his iPhone 4S began suffering from memory losses after being updated to iOS 5.0.1. The contacts are all there in the address book but the phone would not show the names when people called, instead just numbers. Twitter reported the same issue after. The update clearly said – “fixes bugs affecting battery life” but 9to5Mac also reported that a lot of users are still reporting that the update has not improved.

Some have suggested a battery drain and recharge as a way to fix the issue but this has not helped. It is funny how Apple tries to fix one issue and creates two others. Now we get back to waiting on the iOS 5.0.2 which we should hope will do a better job at addressing these issues without creating new ones. This surely is giving Apple some bad rep considering its smooth sailing until now.


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