Cloud storage is a not really new but its soon catching up again with the market. This week at the TechCrunch Disrupt start up conference in San Francisco a new company called Bitcasa revealed itself. According to TechCrunch, Bitcasa is aiming to make PC users store their hard drive on the cloud service. Bitcasa offers users a way to store an unlimited amount of data on its cloud-based servers for a measly $10 a month.

Also instead of moving your files to the service via drag and drop, Bitcasa uses your PC hard drive as a cache. In other words, when you save a file on your PC, it is automatically saved to the Bitcasa cloud servers. The service also uses encrypted servers, so they don’t actually know what kinds of files you are saving to the cloud. If you use a particular file on your PC a lot, the data is saved on your local hard drive as a cache file. That means that if you lose your Internet connection for some reason, you will still be able to work with the cached file.

The service also allows users to share any data on the servers with family and friends.Bitcasa plans to offer a free version of its service when it goes live, although it won’t have unlimited data storage. There’s no word on when the service will launch but people who wish to beta test Bitcasa can sign up at the company’s web site. A free limited beta should go online soon.


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