Barnes and Nobles today launched its newest Nook Tablet for a smashing $249. Now that’s an idea price for a tablet although I think it should be below $200. The announcement came at a press event at its Union Square store in New York City which we had reported to you last week about this happening. You can read about that post here.

The new Nook Tablet looks exactly like the Nook Color and is light weight, durable and packs more power than its predecessor. The 7-inch tablet packs in a 1.3 gigahertz dual-core processor, 1 gigabyte of RAM, all in a package that weighs in under a pound – about 400 grams less than its predecessor! In comparison it offers twice the RAM, and around 300 megahertz more processing power, than the Kindle Fire.It comes with 16 gigabytes of on-board storage and can be upgradeable to 48GB with an addition 32GB SD card giving you plenty of storage allowing you to pack in lot more media!

I think this is one of the best priced tablets in the market and is also priced lower which makes it much more special. We reported about the price drop for the Nook color to $199 and now Nook Simple Touch is $99 as well. The Nook tablet will begin shipping next week.

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