nemesisNot just the US but British too have all electric super cars. Meet Nemesis, a one of a kind 170 mph green machine that reportedly can compete against the V12 Ferraris! Created by Dale Vince and his team at his company Ecotricity two years back, the car was built on a old Lotus Exige.

With a team that included engineers from companies such as McLaren, Williams and Lotus, a power packing electric car seemed inevitable. The project costed almost £1 million ran into some controversy when £400,000 grant from the UK’s Technology Strategy Board. However the car has some impressive specs.

  • Top speed: 170 mph (274 kph)
  • 0-100mph (161 kph): 8.5 seconds
  • Power: Two 125 kW motors, producing 330 bhp
  • Battery pack: 96 x 100 A/h 4.2 V pouch lithium polymer cobalt cells, 36 kWh capacity
  • Max. torque: 600 Nm
  • Transmission: Two stage belt driven reduction transaxle
  • Range: 100-150 miles (161-241 km), depending on driving style
  • Charge time: Under 2 hours from empty to full with optional fast charger, 8-9 hours with 13 A overnight charger
  • Curb weight: 2,571 lbs (1,166 kg)

In the US, a car comparable to the above Nemesis would be the Tesla Roadster Sport. Both the cars are also based around Lotus Elise. A comparable Roadster has the following specs,

  • Top speed: 125 mph (201 kph)
  • 0-60mph (97 kph): 3.7 seconds
  • Power: 375 V/215 kW AC motor, producing 288 hp (essentially the same as bhp)
  • Range: 245 miles (394 km)
  • Curb weight: 2,723 lbs (1,235 kg)

Nemesis was built for about $2 million dollars while the Tesla Roadster can be bought for a fraction of the price of about $100,000. There are no plans to mass produce Nemesis as of this writing.

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  1. The Ecotricity is the best available electric sports car available in the market.It’s top speed is 170 mph,with an acceleration of 0-100 mph in just 8.5 sec.It offers both luxury and comfort for the passengers.

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