intel calpellaLooks like Intel is just not happy with their quad core cpus. It was reported that Intel scientists were working on making a CPU that has a thousand cores built into it. Not four or eight, but a thousand! This report came out from Timothy Mattson’s recently released paper which talked about the Intel 48-core single chip cloud computer processor which was highly scalable.

The report said that beyong the 1,000 cores the problem starts because of the diameter of the mesh in which all the cores are tightly packed. The report said that present technology allows multicore chip architectures which depend on cache coherency which allows that each core has the same view of the system’s memory.

But due to addition of more cores, cache coherency breaks down due to growing over head. The report said that instead of using such a method, Intel will be better off by allowing communication between the cores themselves.

A thousand core chip based Intel computer or a server might just be enough to run a nuclear plant or maybe two!

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