Finally, California is getting its own high speed rail kit which will let it setup a 54 mile track in the Central Valley. This new track marks a beginning for the high speed rail project that has been behind schedule for quite some time. After the 2008 vote in favor of an 800 mile high speed rail system which would take passengers from San Diego and Los Angeles to San Francisco and Sacramento at speeds up to 220 miles per hour.

Most of the technical details are yet to be known but this is a first step in the US to move ahead on a much debated high speed rail system. Other countries such as China, Korea and Germany have been in the business of high speed trains for a while.

The project has been given until Spetember 2011 to finish its environmental reviews for the project. Hopefully US will have the fastest rail soon!

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One thought on “California Gets High Speed Train Set”
  1. Don’t forget the French and the Japanese. They have been the real leaders in this industry, with different technologies.

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