whisky-carCould it get any better? The Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland has filed a patent for its research which is based on a new biofuel based on whisky residue that can be used to run cars without any changes to them or the engine. Bio fuel has been gaining much notery and this will only add to its increasing popularity, however this was the first time whisky residue was used.

The university said that whisky residue had fuel properties that enable combustion which lets the engine run. And apparently there is lots of residue available. The industry generates about 1,800 million litres of it every year. Samples were given to the researchers by the Diageo’s Glenkinchie Distillery. The whisky sludge was used to bame biobutanol which gives 30 percent more output than ethanol.

The University said that it believed that there was real potential for bio-fuel to be available at local garage forecourts alongside traditional fuels.

Imagine being pulled over and being asked “How much did you have to drink tonight Sir?” while you answer, “Me or my car?”.

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