china-usa-cyber-warfareThe Department of Defense released a report detailing its fears and that its incapable to counter Chinese cyber warfare experts. The report also details its fears and concerns regarding growing China’s cyberwarfare capabilities. The report mentioned that China’s cyber attack capabilities are a mystery and the US was unaware of its how deep an impact might be if a full scale attack ensued.

The report said that the US is aware of a Chinese projects which include launching intelligent satellites and an electronic spy network. The report said that last year numerous governments around the world including the US were targets for intrusion by Chinese hackers in what it called “Government sponsored CyberWarfare”, though the report denied of any proof that would link the Chinese government’s cooperation with the hackers.

It must be noted that in March last year, Canadian researchers found an electronic spy network which was based in China and had infiltrated Indian and other nations’ government offices around the world. Indian government had repeatedly protested hack attempts on its systems which originated from China while China had continually denied it.

The report accused China of lacking transparency on its goals of its military progress and warned that this could result in an arms race. The report also discusses extensively the capabilities of the US to deter any cyber attack that might occur. The report warns that at the pace at which Chinese cyberwarfare teams were heading, the US will be incapable to fight back or deter a large scale attack on its systems and there was an urgent need for experts to re-engineer the entire system from ground up.

The US Government had expressed concern on the vulnerability of the electric grid and has asked for an immediate upgrade of the system. It must be noted that Google had shut its offices in China following a massive complex cyber attack on its servers. You may read that report here.

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