Dryer-Box-cell-phoneThis could be a life saver idea! Now no more worrying about water damage to you cell phone. Dropped it in the toilet, no problem. Dry it off with the new Cell Phone Dryer!

Thats exactly what a Japanese gadget company has come up with. An over that can help dry off your cell phone if you happen to drop it in water. Called the Dryer Box this minioven has is actually being sold at Japanese camera stores for about 1,000 yen which comes out to be about $12.

The store also offers it as a service at a price. Bring your wet damaged phone and they will dry it up for you. If they fail to resuce the device within 30 minutes there is no charge. There is no news on when these dryers will make their way to the US but if they do they will be one of the hottest selling devices in the market. Water damaged phones are completely replaced by phone companies but usually at a high price that has to be paid by the customer.

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