ubuntuUbuntu is looking ahead and aiming to keep up with the tablet market. It was announced today that the future releases of Ubuntu will have multi-touch capabilities built into the OS itself. The new version Ubuntu 10.10 will have this feature as part of it.

With the launch of Ubuntu 10.10 will provide users and developers with a touch-screen framework that will work with the applications as well as its own kernel. Ubuntu has already created an open source gesture engine along with an API which will let developers write multi-touch applications.

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, calls the framework uTouch 1.0 and company’s designers have published an a document explaining its multitouch capabilities. Ubuntu’s uTouch 1.0 framework comes just in time when a lot of touch-based activity is keeping the software market busy.

Recently Firefox’s developer Mozilla announced that it will add multitouch to its firefox browser starting from Firefox 4. And all this because a growing number of people want to get into the tablet market.

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