altix_dcenter2_sgi_supercomputerNew York times reported that China has come up with the world’s fastest super computer that is half the size and 50 percent faster than America’s super computers. It also takes much less power to operate. The system was designed by The Chinese National University of Defence Technology had reached record speeds of 2,507 petaflops which amounts to two quadrillion calculations per second.

The project codenamed Tianhe-1A is to top the official list of 500 supercomputers which is to be released next week. Before China, the United States was defeated by Japan with their fastest machine from 2002 until 2004. It was also reported that Nvidia, which is a US firm, was powering the supercomputer with its Tesla M2050 GPUs. The Chinese supercomputer Tianhe-1A uses 7,168 Tesla GPUs and a massive 14,336 CPUs.

These supercomputers are used to enhance simulation and research in areas such as climate modelling, defence, and genomics which attract top researchers from across the world.

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