Rev-Lisa-Vaughn-mobile-device-blessingThis is just fun! A church in Nova Scotia is offering its prayers and blessings to members’ cellphones, laptops and other mobile devices. Rev. Lisa Vaughn at the St. Timothy’s Anglican Church in Hatchet Lake, N.S., asked her members to bring in the devices they use to conduct business and to stay in touch with the world.

When asked about her way of blessings to the mobile devices she said, “I think they traditionally used to call it Plough Monday, where people used to bring their farming equipment and tools to the church to be blessed. Most of us live with our cellphones and laptops and BlackBerrys and all that kind of stuff. I mean, those are just daily tools for us.”

Interestingly a church in London extended its blessings to mobile devices and modern wordday devices. Vaughan herself uses many mobile devices including three laptops and three desktop computers. She even uses Facebook to connect with her social life.

The mobile device blessings will take place at all three worship services on regular Sundays. The church will ask people to turn on their devices and to bring them forward to be blessed.

Unfortunately these blessings won’t keep away viruses and bugs from popping up in our smart phones. You can watch the video here.

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