mercedes-benz-mbraceWow! Mercedez-Benz today launched a new iPhone app that makes you feel like you are James Bond himself, literally! This new iPhone app allows you to communicate Mercades-Benz has launched a new iPhone app. The new application allows the iPhone to communicate with Mbrace telematics platform that connects to the in-car navigation system in its vehicles. The drivers can use their iPhones to access details such as the car’s current location.

Not just that, a virtual key actually lets you remotely unlock or lock your car if needed. The app also lets you map your vehicle to find its location and you can even contact the Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance for help on a click of a button. Other features of the app include ability to search for nearby Mercedes-Benz dealers, checking your car and Mbrace account information, ability to call the Mercedes-Benz Mbrace Response Center for questions

Mercedes claims that the system is extremely secure and is not prone to any kind of application or software hacks. However having some sort of control over your car via a iPhone or a software application could have its implications.

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