Looks like with all the new gadgets, the iPads and the iPhones around, Microsoft is feeling a little left behind.exhibit1 Especially with the media focussing mainly on the Apple drama and the Android’s progress, we barely hear of Microsoft.

Well Microsoft wanted to have a chunk of its own hall-of-fame and let silicon valley residents to get a sneak  peak at its latest future tech stuff. The gadgetry included everything from real-time translation to mobile to mobile networking.

There is a good chance that the prototyes that the silicon valley residents had a chance to touch and feel might as well be sold to people when they become full fledged products which is good news. Most of these shows have really good technology but you never see them enter the market.

Panoramic view from video

There were more than 15 displays at the latest research show.

I personally am excited and can’t wait for the intelligent coffee table from Microsoft. This will surely be the next biggest thing in Technology after the iPad. Check it out.

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