google_moneyTechCrunch reported an interesting case today. A couple who sued Google over its Street view service. The court, after a two year long battle, found Google guilty and awarded the couple damages which amounted to 100 pennies or $1! The judge handed down the decision today and while its a win for the couple, the judge citied that Google cannot be made a target for emotional duress money.

The case goes back to April 2008 when Aaron and Christine Boring filed suit on multiple counts against Google over Google Maps’ Street View images of their private road. However the same information was already available on the internet including documents on the home sale and other info. That appeal was turned down but the couple pursued their only valid charge which was a Count II Trespass.

After two and a half years later, the court ruled in their favor but due to their lack of concern for privacy in other matters, such as housing documents which were available online, let the judge award them only a dollar. The couple even tried to take the case to the Supreme court but their case was dropped by the court.

The couple should have thought twice since Google employs a farm of attorneys and lawyers.

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