It is being rumored that Apple apparently decided on a launch date for its next version of its iOS, the Apple iOS 4.3. If this is true, and seems like it more likely is, then it would be a pretty fast update considering iOS 4.2.1 was just released recently.

Details are scanty but what we do know that it will be out by mid-December this year. The dates are said to be either 9th or the 13th of December. MacStories reported that iOS 4.3 is expected to have in-app subscriptions which is a new feature and will also includeperformance and maintenance upgrades. The iOS 4.3 will also include support for News Corp’s “The Daily” – the world’s first iPad-only newspaper/magazine.

Subscribers for this news magazine will be able to use in-app subscriptions. The Daily reported that it will be launched on December 9 and Apple needs an update for the magazine to allow in-app subscriptions. Until now users needed to either download a free app or buy one from the app store.

With the iOS 4.3 update, users can use in-app subscriptions that will let them subscribe to an app and pay Apple or another firm a periodic subscription fee for using the app.

Will keep you posted as more details surface.

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