Vigil Games supposedly began working on the sequel just a couple of months after releasing Darksiders, and it is currently scheduled for a 2012 release.

At the IGDA Leadership Forum, Danny Bilson mentioned further details regarding the future Darksiders title during his keynote speech. It was revealed that in Darksiders II, a new character will take center stage as the main protagonist, not War. While the sequel’s protagonist is not War, the Apocalypse only happens once so the story will be set concurrently with the first game. For the July 2011 issue of Game Informer magazine it was revealed the new hero is Death.

et during the same time period as the original game, Death’s ultimate goal in Darksiders II is to restore Humanity; the Apocalypse was meant to occur once the Human race was ready to join either the side of Good or Evil in the End War, tipping the Balance and ending the war between Darksiders and Lightsiders once and for all. However, because the Apocalypse occurred millenia too soon, Humanity was completely wiped out by the demons who rampaged across the Earth. At the same time, Death seeks to keep his brother War protected during his journey to clear his name after he is framed for causing the Apocalypse.

There is an unfounded rumour of human survivor characters making an appearance alongside War and Death’s other two companions Strife and Fury. In the first game it was never revealed who set the events in motion that lead to the premature Apocalypse, and in Darksiders II, this will likely be a primary story motivator.

Presumably Samael and Vulgrim, key characters of the first Darksiders, will be making appearances in Darksiders II. Because the sequel covers the time period before his death at the end of the game, it is possible that the Watcher may also make an appearance. It is hoped by fans that Wicked K, the “Gentleman Zombie” who appeared in select locations to fight War, will be returning as well.

A sub-plot in regards to the origins of the four horseman and their once glorious race known as the Nephilim will be a part of Darksiders II as well as further explanation about who The Makers were. There was an official Comic released that focused on the other houseman and it has been hinted many times that they will all appear a lot more in Darksiders II.

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