medal-of-honor-kabulIf you are a avid gamer you would like to play the bad guy sometimes. However playing the bad guy in this game is what these families don’t want you to do. The new version of Medal of Honor is yet to be out but it has already created a storm. The game lets you play alongside Taliban against the US in Afghanistan which Fox TV and the families of dead soldiers want it to be banned.

The multi player game is set to launch in October and is set on an elite group of US soldiers. Fox TV blames that Electronic Arts, the maker of the game is using an ongoing conflict as a source of entertainment and does so by allowing gamers to pick which side they want to fight with – the US or the Taliban.

In an interview with Fox News, Karen Meredith, the mother of a US soldier who died in Iraq said that the US was going through a really bad time in Afghanistan and this game will only be an insult to all the veterans and the dead soldiers. She said that it was “just not right” to let anyone choose a side especially when the country was at war.

When asked about the international audience who would be interested in playing both sides of the game, she said “anyone wanting to play Taliban has something wrong with them”. However Electronic Arts was not available for comment.

Some gamers expressed concern and disagreed. “Its just a game”, said Alex who considers himself an “extreme gamer”. “We won’t ban Need For Speed just because I had a car wreck last week”, he reasoned. Analysts say that this protest will have little impact on the game or on its sales. Infact its sale will only increase considering the media publicity and hype over the issue. Medal of Honor is one of the premium games offered by Electronic Arts and has had huge sales both in the US and globally.

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