Ubuntu has been one of the most celebrated versions of linux with many IT companies endorsing it however todaydell-netbook-ubuntuDell announced that it will abandon selling netbook with Ubuntu pre-installed. Although customers can still order them by phone, the company plans not to produce any new netbooks with Ubuntu loaded on them.

Dell also said that although it plans to abandon Ubuntu it will still offer them to its business customers. The Dell Mini 2100 netbook will be offered to business as a low cost netbook and Dell intends to keep this Ubuntu line alive to attract more business.

Dell released a statement which said, “We’ve recently made an effort to simplify our offerings online, by focusing on our most popular bundles and configuration options, based on customer feedback for reduced complexity and a simple, easy purchase experience. We’re also making some changes to our Ubuntu pages, and as a result, they are currently available through our phone-based sales only.” It is clear that Dell intends to end the line.

Since its inception, Ubuntu has been admired by a lot of end users however it was over-shadowed by Apple’s success and Windows 7. Dell also says that Ubuntu-based netbooks are bought only by advanced users and enthusiasts and not the average Joe.

Dell is also to blame for its decision, it prices the Ubuntu netbooks similar to the Windows OS netbooks. While one may think a free OS netbook to be of lower cost, it does not seem so.

Dell was one of the early adopters of Ubuntu and has gained considerable admiration.

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