The report by 60 minutes on CBS brought in lot of new information. Issacson who wrote the book about Steve Jobs after conducting many interviews said that the legends met one last time before Steve’s death. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates met close to his final days where the two talked for hours together. They talked about how the business was started and also shared some moments that they had during their early years.

Jobs and Bill also talked about how their businesses impacted their personal lives which Jobs never talks about. The Apple founder also said that they two talked for several hours and that Gates told Jobs that he had proved that the model of controlling computer products end-to-end did work and that he had proved that customers can be tied into it. Jobs admitted to Bill’s statement.

Bill Gates in a later interview told Isaacson, “What I didn’t tell Steve is that it only works when you have a Steve Jobs.” Jobs later said that he thought Bill’s idea would work however product quality was lacking. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are literally the IT legends who made things happen. These two will stick with humanity for a long long time.

However we recovered a video where Bill Gates describes Tablets as the future and with Steve beside him. The book does not talk about this however it is clear that considering the time the debate was done, Steve might have clearly taken the idea home and worked on it with the best in the industry. Steve Jobs did say in his book that Bill Gates lacked the vision to look into the future. And critics are saying that this was in regards to the debate where Bill had the vision but Steve did the work!


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