We all know Netflix is ramping up to go global! Today it was reported that Netflix will announce that it will be launching in UK and Ireland early next year. The announcement is expected to be made in today’s Netflix quarterly meet. Netflix will begin full streaming to UK and Ireland starting next year adding these two to its portfolio.

So far there’s no word yet on what kind of content will be available for UK and Ireland users to stream. The service will be available on PCs, Macs, mobile phones and tablets. There’s no word if the service will be made available for any of the big game consoles. Netflix will be competing directly with Lovefilm which is a UK based streaming service that was acquired by Amazon earlier this year.

Investors are nervous about Netflix’s earnings report later today. The company has seen its overall subscriber base go down by at least 1 million customers and as a result its stock price has plummeted from some huge highs earlier this year.


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