ipad-2g-with-facetimeWe have been talking about the much rumored iPad 2 and today there was some more news to talk about. Apple is said to begin production of the next generation iPad in late February and would launch in early April 2011. Digitimes reported that a delay in the firmware was the main reason for the dates being pushed back. Initially Apple had planned to build the new iPads in January but Foxconn could not stockpile 600,000 units worth parts soon.

The suppliers were also notified that the production for the iPad 2 should being within 100 days since the initial shipment of parts. Even if Apple would have its hands on the iPad 2 almost a month before its release, it would still choose to release it in April 2011.

Apple is preparing well this time after the lessons it learned from the release of the iPad. Delays in shipment caused Apple to delay the international release by a month and it is clear that Apple wants to avoid that.

The iPad 2 is rumored to have FaceTime camera for video calling and a gyroscope motion control sensing similar to the iPhone 4. It is also expected to be thinner than the previous model and have an improved display, and may even include a built-in USB connector.

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