marge-zoomScientists are inching closer to creating a learning, intelligent robot. Marge – a robot developed by UK scientists can read and learn in the real world. Created by Ingmar Posner and Paul Newman at the University of Oxford, Marge is a project where the scientists expect it to be able to navigate and learn by using human words and languages.

In an interview the scientists agree that text spotting is hard as text is a such a variable thing. “It appears in so many guises in so many places, in so many sizes, and of course the real world is full of reflections, occlusions, etc”, says Newman.

“The brain says, ‘I’ve done something kinda like this before, so I can adapt to this new activity that has been presented to me,'” said Grant. Marge is built with a complex set of algorithms which fill the gap and help the robot understand and make sense of things that it does not know.

The scientists installed a Optical character recognition software in Marge with a spell check and a dictionary which enables the robot to understand and identify objects and letters. The robot was successful in identifying that Barclays was a bank.

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