benddeskA revolutionary new touch display is being worked on by researchers of from Aachen University’s Media Computing Group which is basically a large display which is curved half way and is completely multi touch! It looks similar to your Star Wars screens or something that the movie Avatar fantasized about.

The team of researchers developed a 40 x 40 inch acrylic touch surface that curves upwards in the middle and lets you manipulate objects on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. You can even move objects from the horizontal surface to the vertical surface.

The product/project is being called Bend Desk which is an acrylic board that is surrounded by 312 LEDs that send infrared light to the surface. It has three cameras which run at 60 frames per second and capture a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, track the entire 1600 square inch surface.

Two projectors beam onto the user interface from the rear of the board. Check out the video of the Bend Desk in action. If this is adopted, you can say good bye to your keyboard, mouse and other PC peripherals. This would be in high demand with the graphics industry due to the flexibility that it offers.

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