googleebooksLast week we reported on how Google was running into its Google Ebooks product issues with its publishers and copyright owners. Interestingly today Google announced the launch of its Google E-Books on its blog. Unlike the rumors that the service was to be called Google Editions, it was simply called Google E-books.

Google E-books is based entirely on the idea that purchased books were made accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection and a webkit browser. An Android app is already available and the iOS version is said to arrive shortly however Google Books advertises it as readily available.

Google has inked deals with 4,000 publishers and the number can expand to 35,000 by the year 2011. Google has let users access to about 300,000 titles. Google is also said to be working with academic presses and universities to make textbooks available via eBooks and is also working with GoodReads, a social network based around books. Publishers would make about 70 percent of the list price.

Read more here. You can visit Google Ebookstore here.

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