This is one of the coolest gadgets if you thought USBs make cool gadgets are the 1950 Police phone box from this TV series. A replica of something just similar is currently available for gadget-loving geeks. And, it’s called Dr Who: Tardis USB 4 Port Hub.

A 4-port USB port hub and is a imitation of the 1950’s telephone box. It bears that classic police phone box look but with a lantern at the roof and a pair of USB 2.0 ports on two of the opposite sides of the box. A connecting USB cable extends from near the base of the device, which is used to connect the USB hub to your computer. When any USB device is plugged into any of the ports on the USB hub, you can see the roof-top lantern flash and hear prerecorded time-travelling sound effects.

Of course, if you want to mute this, there’s an on/off switch too. With support for Mac and Windows computers, this USB 2.0 compatible 4-port USB hub is priced at £22.99 and is currently available for purchase from here.

“A 4 port USB hub replicating the 1950s police phonebox from the globally popular TV programme Dr Who. There is a flashing lantern on the Tardis roof as well as time-travelling sound effects. The light and sound effects are triggered when a USB device is plugged into the port. These are optional and are controlled by an on/off switch.”

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