Looks like Microsoft is going all out to attack Google. The company put out a funny video at its Global Exchange Sales conference to boost sales and throw down Gmail, Google’s free email offering. Microsoft showed off its new cloud based Office 365 software suite and a sitcom parody that features “GMail Man”.

ZDNet broke the news which shows an actor playing the “GMail Man” as he goes through mail sent by users through Google’s GMail service. Microsoft makes the point that GMail can scan a user’s email and use certain keywords inside the email message. Then Google creates ad links and shows them to the users based on the keyword scan. The obvious message from Microsoft is that using its new Office 365 service keeps your email from that kind of keyword ad generating activity.

Microsoft launched Office 365 a few weeks ago and before its launch Google decided to take some shots at Microsoft itself. Google listed a number of advantages that its cloud services have over Microsoft including being able to be used by any web browser any where.

Enjoy the video!

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